Suits, gloves and helmets, bigger than us.

I am 27 years old, I was born in Mussumeli and I live in Cammarata. Immediately after graduating as an electronic expert, I dedicated myself to the company. We are a family and great friends together, my father, my uncles, and we seven cousins. We build boilers and since 2005 we have started special works, thanks to the help of a laser cutting machine. I have personally dedicated myself to these works. I love to experiment with this machine. We use it mainly for boilers: the raw material arrives, in sheets, we cut them, fold them and weld them. I like working with the laser, especially when it happens to produce pieces that are different from the routine. Pieces that with other machines are difficult or impossible to make. I’m passionate about it.

From a very young age, with my brothers and cousins, I spent a lot of my time in the company. Every day, after school, and in the summer, we were always here. Suits, gloves and helmets, bigger than us. We were always here. At that time we mainly worked heavy carpentry. Gradually, production shifted to biomass boilers. But the carpentry construction and repair line remained.

I would like to do everything possible, discover my limits and those of the machines, field new projects, special things .