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    Laura Traldi writes about MYOP on DCASA of November 2017.Laura Traldi writes about MYOP on DCASA of November 2017.

  • MDW2017 art and design with MYOP

    ACANTO, GINA, X.me, FilodiFumo and SNAIL. MYOP at Milan Design Week 2017. Product, design and art at FuoriSalone 2017. ASA STUDIO ALBANESE-Via Ventura 15…

  • MYOP at Milan Design Week 2017

    Milan Design Week 2017. MYOP is a project that transforms tradition into innovation and individual difficulties into collective possibilities, it is a network, meeting, exchange, relationship between companies, artisans, designers, artists, creatives from Sicily and beyond, who work together to produce symbolic objects.


    MYOP enters the ADI Design Index 2016 with one of the most complex products of its production: SNAIL – made entirely of non-welded stainless steel – is a charcoal barbecue with adjustable air flow.

  • Flames and Volcanoes #01

    To meet the fire MYOP cannot avoid to get into the Vulcano laboratory, observing Scibetta brothers at work, hear the bending sheets, the welding stroke of lightning…

  • SNAIL at Summer Design Fest

    The slowness of the hands at work, hands that carve, twist, engrave, leave traces. Faint but evident traces, like those of a snail. The stainless steel shell, leathery on which the ancient lines of Palazzo Cafisi (Favara – Agrigento) are reflected.