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  • I-Design 2018 – Palermo

    The I-Design event aims to promote and enhance local, national and international industrial design.


    Venturae. Modest and hard hands. Expert, careful, alive hands. Hands of stone, wood and steel. They weave relationships and matter. The artisan hands know this. They are landscapes. Marked, carved, fertile They know it but they don’t speak, they simply show themselves for what they are.

  • RANDOme#0 for BOLD#1

    MYOP has played with what is self-evident, what breaks out of the mould, with compositions, embryonic shadows of single parts RANDOme…

  • From MELT ME to RANDOme

    MELT ME, one of the ideas developed at the Laboratory of Industrial Design (by Dario Russo – UNIPA) by the student Luca Pellerito…

  • Design, territory and MYOP

    During the fourth edition of I-Design, the ZAC will host the exhibition “DESIGN & TERRITORY – Universities and companies between research and innovation”

  • MYOP and UNIPA – Laboratory of Industrial Design

    University of Palermo, MYOP and the Industrial Design Laboratory of UNIPA University of Palermo, academic year 2014-2015: the students of the Industrial Design Laboratory (edited by Professor Dario Russo), with the support of Raffaella Giamportone and the know -how of MYOP, they created their own path.