Bevilacqua Ceramics.

Our mother Francesca started making ceramics at home and in 1997 she opened a store and a workshop. We used to come here in the afternoon after school until we started working on it. Our mother immediately recognized the attitudes, not that we don’t know and don’t have to do everything with ceramics, but everyone has their own role. What she discovered was that the sculptural work must have been the work of Giuseppe and the decorative work of Antonio.

The first thing we do when we have a new project to do is iconographic research, to draw inspiration from the past and discover new requests. Then we draw, do tests, plaster molds. Once we have found the solution and produced the piece, we dry it, cook it, decorate it. Our aim is always to do something new. Ceramic in Sicily is a tradition, we want to use it as a springboard, as an opportunity. We have looked for and found partners abroad, today we export to America and Canada.

Antonio and Giuseppe have been working in the family business since 2001. In their work, they combine tradition and research, classicism and innovation. They continually experiment with new forms, materials and objects. They are among the very few fridge decorators SMEG , co-signed with Dolce&Gabbana.