Fausto Puzzo

For me eating is a sentiment

My passion for cooking comes after the music. I was lucky enough to work with great artists, I played with Tullio De Piscopo, but with the music, I do not know, I felt I couldn’t make a living. I do not speak of the economic side, not only. One day, by chance, I read an article about an “errant chef”: Carmelo Chiaramonte, from Modica, engaged with the territory. Something echoed inside my head, inside my chest, and then a little further down, in the belly. I don’t know what sort of thing that feeling touched. I like to believe that the harvest I did with my grandfather, trampling on his fields, his vineyards, mine and his hands caressing the grapes, and the hearty meals, great and unquestionable, during the breaks from a pleasant work, had left a mark, a sweet opened wound, a request. And those few words, read by chance, perhaps they moved me in the direction that today is my life.

The same year I had the pleasure and honour to meet Mr. Adelfio in Marzamemi, the head and heart of a company that works and produces tuna, all along. And again, Franco Ruta Dolceria Bonaiuto, the first real encounter with the food. Franco, a friend of my father, instilled in me, since I was a boy, the pleasure to taste, to smell, to taste with the eyes. Thanks to him I have developed a passion for the history of cooking.

The kitchen is linked to historical and cultural events, to religion and spirituality, meetings and contamination, the randomness and experimentations. Sicily is a lucky land, creative, colourful, crossed by cultures, peoples, lives. It can only enhance emotions with food. And for me to eat is a feeling: I see what’s behind it, the work, the sacrifice, the earth, the hands and faces of those who produced the raw material, the chef’s creativity who has put together the ingredients, and chose the wine. When a farmer gives me a tomato, I feel like he’s giving me his son, part of him.

Eating is like watching a landscape, a painting, is a poem, is music. What I want to produce right now is music for the eyes, for the palate, for the stomach. Eat, but do it well.

Fausto Puzzo was born in Ragusa in March 1, 1982. He managed a company for processing and production of Sicilian food, through which he acknowledged the agri-food excellence of their land. When he quit working on the production field, he devoted himself fulltime to the consultancy for all the companies he met throughout his career. He’s their food and wine consultant, draws up projects, organises events related to food and gastronomy. He’s passionate about history, especially when it’s well seasoned, smells good and tastes good. Fausto is a partner for DINNER4.ME.