Giuseppe Massaro

Create, break, reassess, melt.

I was born in the same year and month in which the legendary Commodore 64 was introduced to the world. My passion for graphics and computer science has marked each stage of my life. After a transitional year studying Engineering, my DIY soul prevailed. Create, break up in different parts, reassess, melt: these are the key word at the base of all my work.

I have a degree in Industrial Design, I attended several courses and workshops related to graphic design. I travelled around Italy and I had the pleasure of meeting the most important Italian designers: Luciano Perondi, Giulio Iacchetti, Ernesto Gismondi and many more. But the course Integrated Development Environment Web Oriented lighted the spark that combines graphics and web.

Since that time I haven’t stopped designing websites, thought in every detail to meet the clients requirements.

Giuseppe graduated in 2006 and finished his training in 2008 with a Master degree in Industrial Design in the Mediterranean area with the thesis: Project about the corporate identity of the museum I tesori di Casa Professa. He worked as subject-matter expert at the Visual Communication and Computer Graphics Laboratory at the University of Palermo.