Upright charcoal cooking barbecue.
A unique object as a result from aesthetic research and innovative technical design.
Available in different colors.

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Designer: Aurelio Scibetta – Domenica Di Dolce

Materials: Stainless steel – Brushed stainless steel – Colored and chromed steel
Size: cm. 45 x 27 x 23
Weight: kg. 9,5
cod. #05VG


670.00 490.00 IVA inclusa

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Other Grill’s configurations


Grill arises from the need to simplify the weekends in the countryside and to not give up on outdoor lunches. Thanks to the vertical cooking between two baskets, in a short time the food will be cooked on both sides. The revolution of the picnic.

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Weight 9,5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 27 × 23 cm