Laser-cut wooden chopping board that portrays the Moro from Mori’s legend.
Object of daily use but with an artistic- decorative essence.

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Idea: Riccardo Ferrantelli/Gabriele D’Angelo
Project: Riccardo Scibetta

Materials: Beech wood
Size: cm. 25 x 2 x 35
Weight: kg. 1,8 each one
cod. #01MS M


139.00 IVA inclusa


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Testa di Moro is a characteristic object of the Sicilian tradition. It is a hand- painted ceramic vase, used as an ornament, which features the face of a Moro or a beautiful young woman. Legend has it that around year 1000 in the ancient
Arab quarter of Palermo, Kalsa, a young girl seduced and abandoned by a Moro found revenge by cutting off his head and planting some basil in it. This is how the Mori chopping boards are born.