X.ME 4×4 #01

Modular system, per for bookcases, chairs, tables, exhibitors and aesthetic architectures.
In PVC foam and an aluminum connector. Customized with the help of a software-configurator or according to clients request.

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Designer: Salvator-John Liotta – LAPS Architecture

Materias: PVC foam – Extruded aluminum joints
Size: cm: 184,5 x 40 x 184,5
Weight: kg. 64
Finish: Matte
cod. #02WFM



Other X.me’s configurations

Create your X.me configuration

  1. 1. Choose the material of the panels (wood or pvc foam).
  2. 2. Choose the number of modules (min 1×1 – max 5×5).
  3. 3. Select the module you want to configure.
  4. 4. Vary the lengths of the joints / vertex of the selected module.
  5. 5. Use the RANDOM key to generate automatic customizations.
  6. 6. Your X.me is ready.Enter your email in the “Data” section and click on “Estimate Request” to get a quote. Our team will reply within 2/3 working days

[configuratore type=”xme”]


The designer Salvator-John A. Liotta (LAPS Architecture) has codified a model in which the X is a singular element that generates a modular system taking inspiration from the signs of the Parapertusa family from Favara. Complexity is born from simple gestures.