A playground for trades.

In 1967 my father began his own artistic research, which he never abandoned: ceramics, sculpture and painting. He soon transformed his workshop into an artisan workshop. Souvenirs, Capodimonte type production, mirrors, lamps, tiles, decorations. The experimentation of the enamelling of the lava stone begins, in the wake of the canopies of the Parisian subway, of the cameos on peperino stone by a Viterbo portrait painter of the early 19th century. At first, everything was done manually. Glazing, decoration, brushing, baking, patination. Today and for years I have been committed and experimenting in the company born from my father’s first art workshop, which was my first playground, a playground for trades. Opposite was the carpenter, the mechanic, the blacksmith, that was my best training. I do not forget the materials, the different processes, but I want to enhance our stone, warm and compact, the base of Etna. Contribute to talking about Sicily, about Sicily that knows how to do things well. With MYOP we share an aptitude for experimentation, sharing ideas, creating products that aim for excellence.

Graduated in Architecture, owner of STUDIO LE NID together with Rita and Filippo Messina “sons of art of the master Barbaro Messina” exports fine artisan majolica all over the world, favoring the “handmade”, making its products creations of art design, taking care of the beauty in every detail.