is the versatile bottle holder, the light, the single element of a modular system. The fixed top can be attached to a wall with the help of three fischer screws, and the container transforms into the first component of a wine-cellar wall. The online configuration software, allows the user to customize the physical characteristics, usage and form of the wine-cellar wall system.

RANDOme is a container, a box, as a jewellery box that cannot be discarded. It is composed of a sheet of medium-density fiberboard, two cogs, two covers, twenty-two pantographed strips , three elastics and, two circles that wedge them in. RANDOme transports, protects, and preserves. The container/object will be screwed onto the removable cover with three wall plugs that go into the wall. RANDOme is a container for one bottle and the element of a modular stochastic structure. It’s a small wine cellar. At the same time RANDOme can be a lamp, a single object and a unique object: the first component of an equipped wall. The client will decide what RANDOme will become.

RANDOme is a product created by a student of the Laboratory of Industrial Design (curated by Professor Dario Russo Academic Year 2014-2015, UNIPA). Its name contains all of the product’s peculiarities. The client can choose the color, its function, what kind of object it will contain and, what it will “preserve” once fixed to the wall. Furthermore it is possible to choose the number of components and the preferred wall composition. The product is marketed as a container/object and when it encounters the project DINNER4.me, it becomes a bottle holder for wines selected by MYOP.


MADE IN Italy, 2015

panels in medium density tinted wood fiber

COLOUR  concrete, red soil, lava

FINISH opaque


Diameter cm 15
Height cm 36
Weight kg 1,8