is a system whose structure adapts to the environments that it was designed for, enveloping their surfaces. The walls of the storage spaces are composed of different shaped panels, united by an aluminum coupling, that makes the structure self-supporting and flexible. The modular system can be a bookcase, a seat, a table, a desk and/or a display case. X.me is customizable thanks to the online configuration software. Customized installations take the name of the user that they are configured for, or from the place where they have been configured.

Families have their crests. Each crest is made of symbols, each symbol made of signs. From the Parapertusa family ones, Salvator John A. Liotta (LAPS Architecture) has codified a pattern in which X is a singular, two-dimensional element that generates the modular X.me system. The walls of the storage spaces, panels with different shapes, in forex or wood, are joined with an aluminum connector to form a non-hierarchical, self-supporting and parametrically adaptable structure. In a systemic dialogue, in a game between the whole and the details, the X of the single module repeat itself in thedrawing of the track section of the aluminium connector.

X.me is altogether a library, a chair, a table, a desk, an exhibitor, a piece of architecture. X.me adapts itself well to spaces, needs and personal liking. To crush it, pull it, distort it, configure it, will change the structure and function, getting it in symbiosis with the space that receives it.

X can delete, or, as unknown variable, it can conceal endless possibilities. X is the name of everybody, and of nobody. But after learning the alphabet of complexity, having played with the possibilities, the unknown variable in X.me will be replaced with its own name, the name of the place that contains it, of the person who set it up, of the family which hosted its forms.


MADE IN Italy, 2014


Shelves expansive PVC
Couplings extruded aluminum

COLOUR varying with configurator

FINISH varying with configurator

DIMENSIONS varying with configurator

Width from cm 48 to cm 230
Height from cm 48 to cm 230
Deep from cm 10 to cm 50
Weight from kg 1,36 to kg 170,24

X.me is not assembled when delivered. It’s easy to build and does not require any specialized tools. Taking into account its dimension and weight, which are variable upon the chosen configuration, it should be moved and assembled at least by two people. The assembly instructions are included in shipment

PRODUCTION 30 working days