I was born a marble worker.

I was born a craftsman, a marble worker, with my father. He was ambitious, he exported to the United States. I recently started all over again, my personal research on the subject, on the processes. Every challenge is a good challenge. I work on the territory, I focus my attention, I don’t want to miss the opportunity, the pleasure of putting my hand to the stone in the first person. I have always enjoyed working with Sicilian volcanic, malleable and warm stones. I decide the thickness, I am amazed by the internal textures of the slabs, I choose the portion based on the design, on the work I have to do. The result, the product, the object that comes from this game of artisan hands and numerically controlled machines, must convey desire, you must want to caress it, look at it, talk to it.

By family tradition it is linked to the manual processing of marble and all other natural stones. Since 2011, with the OLTRE IL MARMO laboratory, research has continued to combine the latest generation technologies with the care and warmth of manual work.