DINNER4.ME (D4.ME) is the declination of MYOP to food. Everything in MYOP revolves around the home fireplace, the house, the heat of a fire around which to sit. Artisans and small businesses, artists and designers, ideas and visions, products and innovation.

D4.ME is a journey through Sicilian agricultural landscapes, in search of artisans of the land, of planetary gardeners: women and men who take care of their territory, restore it, weave it, become one with nature, they follow the rhythms, they follow the dynamics. Artisans of the seasons, farmers who produce beauty and taste.

D4.ME is an atlas of good practices, a repertory of selected food products, a map of careful companies and farmers. MYOP with D4.ME selects quality food and proposes them to sensitive cooks who turn them into original and traditional recipes, together. Each cook will tell his story, the history of his land, with skilled hands, which knead, cut, melt, pour. And the ingredients become recipes, and recipes, convivial meals to share. There is nothing left to do but choose the dinner to consume or give away, among those recommended by the chefs of D4.ME, or browse the menu, taste each dish, choose courses and compose your own banquet. But before sitting down at the table, MYOP recommends precious containers that can accommodate the products that make up the meal you have chosen.