Why do I believe in dreams?

I live and work in San Giovanni Gemini. The diploma in commercial technical expert was a first step, but it is the experience in the company that allowed me to learn and apply techniques of business organization, accounting and administration. I started by doing a little bit of everything, but my passion was, and still is, following the processing phases, paying attention to the production, recording the production times, discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the products and the company.

I like to make ends meet, make ends meet. I love observing things, seeing them made, evaluating their usefulness and beauty. By now I am no longer able to look at products only in their appearance, I pay attention to materials, shapes, functionality. I like to discover things. I always want to learn, to experiment. When I can get results “only” with my efforts, I rejoice.

I am co-founder of MYOP. Perhaps it is a utopia, a dream, this of thinking, of basing the entire production on relationship, on collaboration. It’s hard to do things with others, but we have to try. And chase dreams.

Why do I believe in dreams? The beauty of dreams is that sooner or later they come true. I believe in dreams when I see people who are committed and dream together with me.

Specialized as an accountant and commercial expert, over the years she has held roles related to corporate, accounting and administrative organization. Direct contact with materials and manufacturing processes, curiosity, the continuous search for innovation, make it versatile and flexible. It is the precision and concreteness of MYOP, of which she is co-founder.