Much of who I am depends on what I know.

My training starts in elementary school, but not in school. My father was an entrepreneur at the head of a metal carpentry company. In the summer, as a child, I accompanied him to the company and construction sites. In middle school, at the factory, I started sweeping the ground and ended up using CNC machines. Now, when I enter a company, I understand exactly how people work, what commitment they put into it. I have lived it. And then as a child you are fast, you do not realize you are learning. Thus, my experience founded me.

Middle school helped me understand what work was. In the morning I went to school, for lunch and in the evening to the office. After that, I started training in economics and started managing the administration of my father’s company. At eighteen and six months, I was a director of three companies and had administrative and accounting responsibility for a group of companies. At a certain point I realized that what I was doing for my father’s company looked more and more like consulting, so I understood what my job was.

During the university period, we founded a student association with some friends. We organized events on economics and marketing. During one of these events I met a Bocconi professor. That meeting opened a world to me. Shortly after, with Roberto, I founded my own strategic management consulting firm. So my past, my childhood and my youth in the company have become the training ground for the construction of a new profession. By now I understand what a consultant I don’t want to be. When you take away everything you don’t want, there are very few things left.

He is the owner and director of a company that provides strategic management consulting services. He has experience in market research and specific skills in product placement and pricing management. Co-founder of MYOP, he actively participates in all projects coordinating their operational marketing.