MYOP at Milan Design Week 2017

Milan Design Week 2017. MYOP is a project that transforms tradition into innovation and individual difficulties into collective possibilities. It is a network, a meeting, an exchange, a relationship between business, artisans, designers, artists, creatives from Sicily and beyond, working together to produce design objects.

MYOP is a collection of stories that comes from Sicily in Street Ventura 15 (Lambrate). The pure architecture of one essential space intimately collects symbolic objects, physical representation of these stories. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, the facilities of the ASA Studio Gallery Albanian house extension maximum of intellectual dialectics: each product dialogues with a work of art that becomes a symbol, a prelude and a mirror. Thus, the result of hands and machines, of experience and innovation becomes work, in a path that goes from the extreme linearity to the perturbing Sicilian baroque, from the micro to the macro, from the container to the content, from stories to products, from workers to industry, from land to hands.

The synthesis of the design process is told by FilodiFumo – inlaid system, – modular architecture, SNAIL – monolith barbeque selected by ADI Design Index 2016 (candidate Compasso d’Oro 2018) – and from two new researches, two findings: GINA, the chimera chandelier and ACANTO, the climbing pottery.