Parapertusa: emblem – pattern

Chiaromonte Castle, Favara

The Parapertusa family dominated Favara at the end of the 14th century and it transformed the city from military centre to city. Salvator-John A. Liotta, conceived a pattern starting from the family emblem, for the Chiaramonte Castle infopoint and bookstore. The pattern became a generative matrix for a modular system lacking hierarchies and able to adapt itself parametrically to different contexts. The compositional elements of “appear” by extrusion, folding themselves, transforming themselves into guaranteed different functions: box office bench, waiting bench, architecture. With the creation of the project for the infopoint and bookstore realized by MYOP, at the centre of which is the revival of the spaces of the Castle of Chiaramonte of Favara (12th Century) in Sicily, an elegant medieval complex is transformed into an innovative Urban Full Article on: