MYOP on “Product Configurators” by Fabio Schillaci

A product configuration software that offers the customer a fun, enjoyable and engaging purchase experience because as Fabio Schillaci says, “the configuration is intrinsically social and the act of personalizing an object can be something very special, because it produces emotions” . His book – PRODUCT CONFIGURATORS – Tools and Strategies for the Personalization of Objects is “a source of inspiration and a manual for designers, entrepreneurs and professionals who are examining the practical application of product configurators”, and focuses “on the configuration from the point of view of design “” It offers readers suggestions, technical details and critical issues that must be considered, by experienced actors and pioneers all over the world “. Among the case studies there is also, our modular system designed by Laps Architecture, which defines “a system with countless variations that with its simple rhomboidal shape guarantees an incredible amount of variations without ever losing quality and beauty of the product. ” Have fun configuring your