Then I started to pick up the FLEX.

We work marbles that come from all over the world. We have block cutter, diamond wire and blade frame. We start from the block and from there we can do anything. But it all started with my grandfather Carmine, a bricklayer, who, together with my father and my uncles, invented this job in a small space. My uncle was a builder, my father a cutter.

I am self taught. I started working here when I was fourteen, only in the summer. In winter I went to school, but I didn’t like it very much. As a kid it all seemed incredible to me. In the workshop, my job was to clean, sweep the ground. Then I started picking up the FLEX and making bevels. Twenty-five years ago they were huge, heavy, my uncle when he worked was a war machine, he grinded work. Thanks to him I discovered that with perseverance, curiosity and good predisposition nothing is impossible. Just desire and passion and you can do everything. The best job is the body builder: FLEX and stonemason, and give the final touch to the product. That’s how I started my profession at the age of eighteen. My grandfather was still there, but he didn’t see the robots coming.

I love technology, so when we decided to buy a CNC machine, I fell in love with this robot, this five-axis arm. It is a machine that only I operate, by choice and pleasure.

I take the measurements, keep in touch with the designers and customers, work in the workshop and on site, my brother rationalizes and develops my surveys and coordinates the site. Our workers are professional, autonomous, precious people.

Riccardo is the third generation of Palumbo Marmi. He has gained sensitivity and experience in the processing and knowledge of stone and marble. They combine tradition and craftsmanship with new processes, technology and design.