Nature is the teacher of life.

I am an architect, associated with LAPS Architecture which I manage together with Fabienne Louyot.
I carry out teaching and research activities at CNRS-Paris and collaborate regularly with Domus.

I graduated in Palermo. After earning a master’s degree at the National Institute of Architecture in Rome, I moved to Paris for an internship with Francois Roche. Then I won a competition from the Ministry of Research in Japan. I lived in Japan for almost eight years, where I did research and teaching at the University of Tokyo together with Kengo Kuma. In 2012 I published Patterns & amp; Layering: Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature, and Architecture (Gestalten eds.) With a preface by Kuma himself. Back in Paris, with Fabienne Louyot, we decided to put our experiences to good use. This is how LAPS Architecture was born, which unites and multiplies my and Fabienne’s philosophies and principles.

Kengo Kuma is my art teacher, but nature remains my teacher of life. Nature which is birth, transformation, dynamism. Nature which is becoming, which is existence. Today I try to connect all this, to combine two principles: on the one hand the concepts, patterns, geometries, on the other the body, the substance, the materials. Patterns ( pater ) and materials ( mater ) come together, interpenetrate, welcome each other in a game of generative dynamisms, gravity, emanation ( natus-natura ). My architecture produces complexity through simplicity and tries to do a lot with very little.

The studio LAPS Architecture was invited to the Architecture Biennale of Venice 2014 and 2016, it won the prize IN / Arch-ANCE 2014 and received a mention for the Young Talents of Italian Architecture award in 2013 and an honorable mention in 2014 and 2015. LAPS Architecture has carried out public and private projects in Italy, Japan and France including: spaces for culture and social housing in Paris, the art gallery FARM-XL in Favara, the Wellness & amp; Health Center in Nagasaki and together with Atelier 2 is co-author of the project for the Island , Sea & amp; Food for the 2015 Milan Expo. The works of LAPS have been published (among other journals) in Domus , A10 , Compasses ,Construction and Territory , Marie-Claire , Shin Kenchiku and exhibited at MoMA , at MAXXI , at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris and Tokyo.