I-Design 2018 – Palermo

The I-Design event aims to promote and enhance local, national and international industrial design. It is present in the city of Palermo with its exhibitions since 2012 and aims to transform the society  with cultural events focused on design. In its name the basic concept is already inherent: the individual who with its creativity makes significant changes to his environment.

Palermo is now the cradle of the economic and cultural events that increasingly involve the native realities, and in this context I-Design calls into question Sicilian companies and designers for an art exhibition. MYOP is present with its products in two sections of the exhibition “Sicilian Design Experience” and “Arte in tavola”. In the latter section, curated by Daniela Brignone and Clara Minissale, where food and design merge, MYOP exhibits projects such as: RANDOme, Grill and FILOdiFUMO; design objects to use in the kitchen or to bring on the table.