RANDOme#0 for BOLD#1

Favara, Farm Children’s Museum

BOLD#1 is a new challenge for the Farm Cultural Park community. It’s a fundraising auction: 1 million euro is needed to accomplish the restoration of the Palazzo Miccichè works and the opening of the Farm Children’s Museum. When the Cultural Farm of Favara calls, MYOP responds. We offer our own philosophy and know-how, create an idea, sustain the Farm to build its future, accommodating of change over time in a playful way.

MYOP has played with what is self-evident, what breaks out of the mould, with compositions, embryonic shadows of single parts RANDOme, at the Farm Cultural Park on 19th December. RANDOme#0 was born as a “random” wine wall storage, a unique and composed product, a stochastic game, a batch for BOLD#1, a wish, a brick for the Farm Children’s Museum construction.