Venturae – Milano Design Week 2016

Venturae. Modest and rough hands. Expert, attentive and living hands. Hands of stone, wood and steel. They weave relations and materials. The hands of the artisan know it. They are landscapes. Marked, sculpted, fertile. They know, but don’t speak, they only show themselves for what they are. For what they do. Learn the language of doing, read the signs, the irregularities. Hands are stories, tales, books. Hands are routes, maps, countries. Hands are eyes. They are peoples, earth.

The earth is Sicily, the soil of Sicily. And Sicily is a rift, a procession, a chewing mouth. It moves beneath its fur. It’s black and burnt. It’s dirtied by explosions. Swollen. Then it blooms. It sprouts. It breaks the surface. It explodes with fireworks and altars of bread, with religious festivals and hot gusts of wind. The land of Sicily is a land of maelstroms. It is a sea arranged on a film, within which there is indolent and inexorable movement. The land of Sicily is slow flowing magma that engulfs everything in just one blaze, that makes material of the air, crystal of the smoke, a frame from the skin, grape bunches from the vines. The land of Sicily colors and warms, it embraces the sea, it welcomes it. It is a boundary subject to change, transformation, configuration.

The land of Sicily is a landscape, map, hands, body.

At Milano Design Week, in the space of Ventura Lambrate, from April 12 to 17, the Trinacria is transformed. MYOP presents a composite installation:, the modular system designed by Salvator-John A. Liotta and Fabienne Louyot, of LAPS Architecture Studio, FilodiFumo, the table-bench created by Sonia Giambrone, Riccardo and Aurelio Scibetta, RANDOme, the bottle holder and wine-cellar wall of Domenica Di Dolce and Luca Natale Pellerito. And all this is VENTURAE.

VENTURAE is ivy that rises and climbs on the walls. The Hedera helix seeks support, but is not a parasite. It plants its roots in the earth, solidly, and draws nutrition. VENTURAE gives fruit, berries preserved for lean times, times of crisis, in infertile seasons. VENTURAE puts down roots, like those bundles of the Ficus magnolioides in Piazza Marina in Palermo. They go back to the earth to germinate, they multiply. The Ficus are vegetable, animal, stone, sculpture. They are archaic and future together. In the Ficus, one finds the wisdom of wooden cathedrals, a period between living and inanimate, in a metamorphosis frozen in crystal. VENTURAE is a species in flower of molten rock, at absolute zero, it is an organism, with soft skin, that runs and is reborn. VENTURAE is composed of simple elements, of unknowns, of stem cells, seemingly uncertain, that carry all of the possibilities within, that manifest these possibilities, transforming form and function, adapting to the environment. VENTURAE is a future, feminine, welcoming. It is the body, the land, the hands of MYOP.

Within this complex cell ( there are exploding clusters, buds (RANDOme), seeds and patience (ORIGAme), nectar and warm rivers (SPILL), fluid surfaces, weaves (FilodiFumo), landscapes, fragments, nets (Norika), warps and wefts (Scatik), there is air, blow, breath (Ductilis), forge, fire, crystal (SNAIL, ETNA), and there are the hands, artisan hands, knowing. The hands of MYOP.