Shared House 999 – the new frontier of co-dividualism

Shared House 999 – Milan.

In the XXII century we no longer speak of individualism, but of the opposite concept: codividualism. This is the idea of ​​ “LAPS Architecture e FARM Cultural Park”, which creates the foundations of the Shared House, an example of a codividualism place located in Via Ventura 3, in Milan.

The project of the Shared House 999 is based on the need to share contemporary housing: a place open to every individual, who is allowed to meet new people through the activities that take place within it.

MYOP is strongly present in this project with three of its flagship products:

The modular library X.ME, designed by LAPS Architecture;  the lava stone table FilodiFumo, designed by Riccardo Scibetta and Sonia Giambrone; Acanto, designed by Antonio e Giuseppe e Bevilacqua. These products are all configurable and adaptable to every need, which find in the quality craftsmanship, in the use of new technologies and in the prestige of the used materials a perfect combination suitable for the Shared House 999 project.

In addition to the three well-established products, MYOP has presented two new products: Grill and Mori.

The first, a table-top charcoal barbecue for outdoor cooking, the latter, however, are laser engraved wooden cutting boards depicting “i Mori”.