SNAIL at Summer Design Fest

The slowness of working hands, hands that carve, twist, engrave and leave traces. Delicate but evident traces, like those of a snail. The shell made of stainless steel, leathery, that reflect the ancient lines of Palazzo Cafisi (Favara Agrigento). The telluric coating of the Corten, steel that becoming rock confronts the geometry of the building hosting the Summer Design Fest.

MYOP is in Favara with SNAIL  the Barbecue: the essential nature of its shell tells us of expected spaces, of complexities that multiply simple geographies, aliens and yet ecological, natural. SNAIL contains and welcomes. From an object, it becomes landscape, is in dialogue with Palace, and the guests become geostationary satellites, turning in circles, showing that SNAIL is like that: simple, essential, functional, and elegant.

Words are matter, they have a form, they should not be placed above objects, but engraved, filled with meaning, creating a function. MYOP is not a name, neither a label. MYOP, with SNAIL, shows once again that the combination of craftsmanship, talent and art is the most effective tool to return the work to the man and avoid that his products are empty, rigid, and finished.

In Favara, the everlasting monolith barbecue weaves in wooden chiseled scrolls: a baroque chandelier, suspended in space and time, hand carved in the 60’s by Enzo Scibetta in his early twenties, is the bridge between contemporary and antique, between immediacy and slowness, between SNAIL and Cafisi Palace, between content and container. After, there is nothing left to do but to move in the carnival, in the laical procession of the Cultural Farm Park.