I draw what I see.

I’ve always drawn. Much. I need it. Drawing I observe, live and understand, I take reality with me. I always draw, at home, on the street, on the train, while traveling. The more I draw, the more I allow myself time and space, the more I experience what happens. I am writing a story. These drawings, scattered around the world, are my story. I was born at home, in Cammarata. At thirteen, I went to Palermo to attend the State Institute of Art. There I learned to apply creativity to the realization of things. There I discovered air and water, central themes of my sign path, which I then applied to both abstract art and figures. For months I have made the same mark, countless times. It took me time to understand which was the right one, what spontaneity, what gesture, what speed, what freshness. Thus the inlays arrived, such as A thread of smoke , which does not tell, protects and reveals at the same time.

In the works of Sonia Giambrone, the full and the empty, the inside and the outside are explicitly manifested. And the surfaces, the limits, become porous, engaging, penetrating, disturbing. He is currently participating in STUDIOVAGANTE in Viterbo, a graphics, illustration and paper converting laboratory.