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  • Shared House 999 – the new frontier of co-dividualism

    In the 22nd century there is no longer any talk of individualism, but of the opposite concept: co-individualism. This is the idea of the “LAPS Architecture and FARM Cultural Park” studio

  • MDW2017 art and design with MYOP

    ACANTO, GINA, X.me, FilodiFumo and SNAIL. MYOP at Milan Design Week 2017. Product, design and art at FuoriSalone 2017. ASA STUDIO ALBANESE-Via Ventura 15…

  • MYOP at Milan Design Week 2017

    Milan Design Week 2017. MYOP is a project that transforms tradition into innovation and individual difficulties into collective possibilities, it is a network, meeting, exchange, relationship between companies, artisans, designers, artists, creatives from Sicily and beyond, who work together to produce symbolic objects.


    Venturae. Modest and hard hands. Expert, careful, alive hands. Hands of stone, wood and steel. They weave relationships and matter. The artisan hands know this. They are landscapes. Marked, carved, fertile They know it but they don’t speak, they simply show themselves for what they are.